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Enpowering our public sector through new and game-changing technologies

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Shaping the future with  privacy preserving  cybersecurity technologies and applications in support of the National Defense mission          

Our Company

Kryptowire Labs is a cybersecurity company focused on research in the field of wireless communications/5G, with emphasis on security, particularly with IoT devices. Currently, the company is focuced on large scale attack mitigation which includes building a full-stack 5G network emulation framework, as well as energy efficient and lightweight network authentication and cryptographic operations for IoT devices.

IoT Devices

Creating state-of-the-art data fusion of connected and embedded sensors of IoT devices


5G Wireless Technologies

Pushing the boundaries of 5G technologies through innovative energy-preserving and energy-harvesting solutions.


Edge Computing

Expand privacy preserving technology by utilizing a distributed computing paradigm bringing computation and data storage closer to the sources of data boosting performace and precision.


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Dr. Angelos Stavrou

Founder and CEO

In 2011, Dr. Angelos Stavrou, an accomlished entrepeneur and educator, founded Kryptowire Labs. As CEO, Stavrou grew Kryptowire Labs through research awards from NSF, DARPA, IARPA, DHS, AFOSR, ARO, ONR. Dr. Stavrou is a lead PI on the DARPA OPS-5G, aiming to secure next-generation 5G IoT devices via novel cryptographic operations, and has extensive experience in Cyber Security for large-scale systems. Stavrou continues to serve as a professor at Virginia Tech in the Bradley Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.


Senior Research Engineer: Kryptowire LLC, McLean, VA

Duties: Research and develop a large-scale wireless testbed/framework for orchestration of spectrum focused experiments in a Linux environment. Develop Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications, including necessary low-level modification of the driver (USRP Hardware Driver – UHD) to employ Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) radio devices for over-the-air spectrum related experimentation on a testbed. Build containerized LXC and Docker-based SDR application to facilitate deployment on the testbed. Develop application layer capabilities in C/C++ and/or MATLAB to implement Digital Signal Processing (DSP) blocks needed to run LTE and 5G functionality on the SDR devices.

Requirements: Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related technical field (or foreign equivalent), specializing in Digital Signal Processing, SDR/USRP programming, C/C++, MATLAB, Python, LXC, and Docker.

Intermittent travel to client sites and conferences required to various unanticipated locations throughout the USA

Mail resume to: Kryptowire LLC, 8200 Greensboro Dr., Suite 750, McLean, VA 22102 or email

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